Chris, Michael and Alex Arlitt

We have stabled at Clear Round since 2004 and have come to know Stephanie, Paolo and Adrianne to be an exceptional team of expert equestrians. Not only are they extremely skilled trainers of horses at all stages of schooling, but excellent teachers to their riders as well. Every lesson is geared to the personal needs of the horse and rider combination. Riders are challenged to excel quickly, but their ability and preference for pace is respected. I enjoy each lesson and find I learn something in every one. I am always amazed at how the application of an aid I never knew existed, or how a tweak in my riding can make such a difference in a ride. Their training is the best, period. Also, the barn is very clean and organized. Policies are well communicated and questions are patiently and thouroughly answered. Lastly, we have found Stephanie, Paolo and Adrianne exceptionally fair and understanding in their dealings in barn matters, training, lessons and horse purchases. We very much appreciate and enjoy our time at Clear Round.

Rose Hochner

I have been a client at Clear Round Show Jumpers for more than eight years and cannot say enough about this remarkable team. Stephanie, Paolo and Adrianne are patient and dedicated instructors, exceptional trainers for horses at all levels, and are honest and fair in all aspects of their business. I appreciate their open and direct communication in regards to teaching, training, buying and selling, and know that they will always provide my horses with the very best care. The entire team shares a passion for the sport, making Clear Round a fun, rewarding and positive environment for horses and riders alike.

Greg Ford DVM

Greg Ford DVM, Millican, Texas. I am an equine veterinarian specializing in sports medicine. I enjoy working with Clear Round Show Jumpers not only because it is a class A operation but also because of their professionalism and dedication. Paolo and Stephanie are a rare breed, for they are true horseman, this is why riders and horses are always at the top at Clear Round Show Jumpers (with a little help from me).

Victoria K. Benedettini

Clear Round Show Jumpers is the only farm I trust with the care and training of my horses while I am away at school. I can depend on Stephanie and Paolo to keep my horse in top shape and well prepared for competitions. 

Sandy and Rachel Malutich Brown

We have been with Clear Round for 5 years and it is difficult to imagine any better facility, or more knowledgeable and experienced trainers than Stephanie and Paolo. Perfection is always their goal in every aspect of owning and managing a top notch show barn. Their love of the sport, their respect for the horses, and the meticulous care and attention they provide to both horses and riders, make Clear Round the only choice for us.


MaryKaren Matt

I have owned horses for many years and have been at multiple stables throughout the United States. Stephanie and Paolo's training program is exceptional. We saw noted progress in just the first two weeks. Their lesson program mimics their training program: the riders show improvement in ability, confidence and enjoyment. Clear Round Show Jumpers is the stable to be at if you want the best care for the horse and rider.