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At Clear Round Show Jumpers, all lessons and training are based on a trusting relationship between trainer, horse and rider. Clients and horses are treated with the utmost respect, and both lesson and training programs are customized for the individual.

Training at Clear Round begins with a proper European foundation and the horse’s well-being is paramount. Each horse is handled with fairness at all times and brought along at the proper pace to reach and maintain their full potential. All training sessions are performed by head trainers Stephanie and Paolo Tropia.

Our clients compete everywhere from local shows to “AA” competitions in the Hunter, Jumper and Equitation rings at all levels.  We help our riders achieve their individual goals, starting with proper basics that include flat work, gymnastics and jumping courses.


What is most important at Clear Round is a sense of personal accomplishment—whether that comes from a successful lesson at home or a victory in the Grand Prix ring.


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