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I have had the privilege of attending clinics by Stephanie Tropia for many years and have now been studying under the Clear Round Show Jumpers Training Program for almost a year.  It is by far the most comprehensive and disciplined program I have been a part of in my 25 years of riding.  Stephanie and Paolo Tropia, though different in their styles of teaching, complement each other so well that both horse and rider are safely challenged to excel at an extraordinary rate.  In less than a year I have not only met, but surpassed all of my original goals.  My horse has never been more fit and happy to be doing her job.  They have transformed us into true competitors in such a short amount of time.  I am so excited to see what the future holds for our entire team! 

The Clear Round facility itself is state-of-the-art, meticulously designed for the horse’s well-being and promotes a mature and comprehensive training environment for both horse and rider.  Between the expansive outdoor area, brand new custom barns, wooded trails and extensive turnout 7 days a week, all the horses on property maintain a level-headed attitude and truly thrive off their surroundings.  The Tropia’s have many improvements in the works for the property, but will always put the well-being and consideration of the horses and clients first.  Their combined industry knowledge and integrity towards the horse business is surpassed by none in the area.  I have the utmost respect for them as business owners and truly appreciate their level of care for my investments in the horse business. This is truly an amazing barn family to be a part of!  


Jennifer Edwards & CR Evita


I have ridden for over 25 years, but have not had the training, discipline or motivation to succeed, like I have, being at Clear Round Show Jumpers. Stephanie and Paolo are extremely professional and excellent at their skill. They have challenged me to be a better rider and to be confident in the skills taught to me, and I have exceeded, when I didn’t think it was possible. My horse is in tip-top shape now and very happy to do his job (sometimes too happy!) I am looking forward to this upcoming show season, as I know we will surpass our goals. 


The facility is top notch and very comfortable for both riders and horses. Clear Round is currently building a new large covered arena, as well as many other upgrades throughout the facility, including a new tack room, hot walker, rotating turn out for horses, and a race track around the farm.  It is truly a place I enjoy going and getting away from the city. I have the upmost confidence in Stephanie and Paolo and know my horse is getting the best care possible. 

Kristi Miller & CR Cayenne


Our horses have been stabled at Clear Round Show Jumpers beginning in 2004 until Stephanie and Paolo moved to Germany and then again when they returned. We have come to know Stephanie and Paolo to be an exceptional team of expert equestrians.  They are extremely skilled trainers of horses at all stages of performance and excellent instructors for their riders as well. 


Every lesson is geared toward the personal needs of each horse and rider combination.   Riders are challenged to excel quickly, but their ability and preference for pace is respected.  It’s amazing how well Stephanie and Paolo see and explain riding adjustments.  They not only provide the “what” needs to be done but the “why” and “how” as well.  I enjoy each lesson and learn in every one.  Their training is simply the best.  


The barn and stalls are very clean and impeccably organized.  Policies are well communicated and questions are patiently and thoroughly answered.  Also, we have found Stephanie and Paolo exceptionally fair and understanding in their dealings in barn matters, training, lessons and horse purchases. We very much appreciate and enjoy our time at Clear Round.  


Chris and Michael Arlitt


Being the parents of a daughter who is passionate about horses is no small endeavor. After years of lessons, we knew Rachel needed more in order to get to the next level. Stephanie Tropia’s level of caliber is what we were searching for. The Tropia’s have the experience and reputation for training extraordinary riders and exceptional horses. Not only are both accomplished in their field, but they have the ability to communicate the whys and hows that riders need. I value Stephanie’s coaching in the arena and in life. I am confident she will help Rachel achieve her dreams.  

Clear Round Showjumpers has become an extended family for us. We love getting together for meals and conversations.  The atmosphere is truly that of a team. 

When you are looking for the best, the Tropia’s are the answer.  Clear Round Showjumpers are first class from beginning to end.  

Rob and Kathy Salinas, and Rachel

I have known Paolo and Stephanie for almost twenty years. I trained with them for more than a decade and bought several horses from them. They were always very upfront about the disposition and suitability of the horses as well as transparent about costs and vet records. Whenever it was time 'to move up' or the make a change, Stephanie was always able to come up with a plan.

True horse people form emotional connections to their animals and both Stephanie and Paolo have a deep admiration for horses.  From nutrition to fitness and health management, they show the horses and people the kind of respect that is uncommon in the horse industry.

While I am not currently competing, when I do, I will trust my horse's and my safety and wellness to them.

Karen Gordon and CR Escada

I  purchased CR Symphony from Paolo and Stephanie Tropia in October 2020 as a 6 year old. I have ridden a lot of young horses and knew rig away he was special, but even when I purchases him, I had no idea how special. Stephanie and Paolo were 100% honest in all their representation of him and told me everything they knew about him, every word of which has turned out to be true. I must be honest that in previous horse transactions, I always took everything sellers said with a grain of salt, so didn't quiet believe he could be everything they said he was! In fact, he was everything they said he was and more. He has continued to impress us more and more every day that he has been with us. He is kind, honest and an athletic horse who loves his job and his people. He is full of potential and was given there proper training foundation to prepare him for anything. Because of this solid foundation, we have been able to continue building confidence as he moves up through the levels. The sky is the limit and I can't thank Stephanie and Paolo enough for finding him, instilling such a solid foundation and their honest representation of him! Stephanie will be my first stop for any future horse shopping!

CR Symphony and Lauren Colbert

I bought CR Haribo in 2011. He was with Hunt Tosh when I tried him in Florida. He was a horse of a lifetime! He took Glynn Hope to her very first international Derby win at Del Mar and 2 derby finals in Kentucky. He and John French were 2nd at Franktown Meadows International Derby. He also acquired multiple championships in the 3'3 and 3'6 AO Divisions with me up and down the West Coast and we also had numerous classic and national derby placings. He was the most incredible competitor I have ever ridden. The minute he walked into the show ring he would strut his stuff and jumped his heart out. He is now happily retired. 

CR Haribo and Emma Rochelle

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